Covid-19 2020 season

information regarding 2020 season dealing with covid-19.

The amount of uncertainty surrounding the closure of everything and the fear of being close to people around you makes it a challenge to safely provide food for yourself and your family. I am doing my part to do what I can in this, which is to provide quality nutritious food to as many people as possible. Safety is my top priority and all pickups and interactions will be done from a safe distance.

Available now, I am offering 3 different options to secure access to our produce.

  1. We are offering a full season csa share. Starting around may 15th and running until the middle of October. There is 2 size options. Receive $25 a week worth of produce for $575 or receive $40 a week worth of produce for $920.
  2. We are offering a monthly prepay to receive $25 or $40 a week worth of produce. Either $100 or $160.
  3. We are offering the option to prepay in $50 increments for pickup at the farm store or at the farmers market(should it be safe to attend)

Produce will be available in varying amounts before the week of May 15th. Prepaying with option 3 will allow for access to produce before May 15th when weekly boxes start.

This situation is changing rapidly but as of now (march 22) pickups will be at the farm store or at the saturday market (prfm) in peterborough. If the situation deteriorates another pickup location will be established in peterborough on Saturday to help isolate individuals. Home delivery is available for those who need that service.

Any questions or Payment can be made by e-transfer to or

Each week I plan to put together 10 pay-what-you-can boxes. Throughout the summer if you are in need just email me and i will provide what I can.

At market I will accept cash to a lockbox, no change provided to those that deal in cash only.

If there is interest in a meat csa for pickup at the farm this can be arranged. I have a number of contacts that raise chicken, pork and lamb. Prices to be discussed.

for live updates, to see what’s happening at the farm, what’s available weekly, follow us on Instagram @rielacresfarm