Intern program

There is 2 positions available for interns/ farm workers on the farm from April to October/December each year. For 2023 we are looking for 2 team members full time on the farm.

The ideal candidate would be hard working and a detail oriented individual. Being reliable is very important. Being able to perform repetitive tasks and manual labour are part of the job. Customer service skills are very important as all team members deal with customers on a regular basis. Interest or knowledge about learning the business side of the operation would be an asset. Farming experience is not necessary but is an asset. A can-do attitude where your not afraid to try new things and a logical way of thinking so that you can figure things out on your own is very important on a farm.

Vegetable farming and flower farming are becoming separate aspects of our farm. If your interest is either flower farming or vegetable farming we can tailor your experience in either direction.

All employees are paid hourly on our farm.

Interns will be integrated into all aspects of the farm. From seed starting in the greenhouse. Timing of planting for continuous supply of produce all season. Organic growing and soil building activities. Picking and processing produce for farmers markets and wholesale customers. Interns will be attending farmers markets and be involved with customer service and selling to the public. With a greenhouse and 6 hoophouses there is lots of opportunity to learn about growing under cover. When interns leave in October they will have been a part of the entire growing process and will be able to take away the knowledge of what is required to operate a small farm.

To apply:

send resume and a letter outlining your relevant work and farming experiences, as well as a letter outlining your motivations to work with us to: