Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers. In short: people buy “shares” of a farm’s harvest in advance and then receive a portion of the crops as they’re harvested.

The term “CSA” is also used to refer to an individual farm’s CSA program.

Farmers earn important early-season capital and have a guaranteed market for their produce. Barring a disastrous harvest, consumers enjoy overall lower food costs, field-fresh produce, and greater access to high-demand vegetables and are first in line for early/ late produce.

Riel Acres farm CSA program 2022

  1. We are offering a full season summer CSA share. Starting May 14th and running until October 8th. There is 2 size options. Receive $25 a week worth of produce for $550 or receive $40 a week worth of produce for $880.
  2. 2022 we are starting a fall/ winter CSA share from October 15th- Dec 24th. Receive $25 worth of produce weekly for $275
  3. We are offering the option to prepay in $50 increments for pickup at the farm store or at the farmers market either on Wednesday or Saturday.

We offer flexible payment arrangements where necessary. Just ask.