Welcome to Rielacres farm. We grow fresh produce for market ten months of the year. You can find us at the Wednesday market in Peterborough May to October. The Saturday market in the citi centre May to October and indoors at the Peterborough square in the other 4 months. January and February is time to reflect and regroup for the next season.

We have one large heated greenhouse that we start all our seedlings in. We also grow tomatoes and cucumbers extra early in the main greenhouse. This season we also have 6 hoophouses to aid us in bringing more produce extra early to market. Outside we have 3 acres that we rotate with cover crops. Generally under 2 acres each season is where most of the produce is grown.

New for 2019 we are in the works transitioning to certified organic. I’ve been growing organically forever but figured it would be easier to be certified. Also this season we are starting an intern program at the farm. We will have 2 openings for interns to join us at the farm to learn our systems.

I post pictures regularly on Instagram. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @rielacresfarm